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5, enter the code from the back of the gift card. Buying the stolen information is just the first step in a process that criminals use to convert digital data bought online into hard cash. Google stores everything you ever searched for in their databases, which can be accessed by the NSA, CIA and other similar agencies without the need for a warrant. You can receive gift card allowances from someone else as well.

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You have to know that the matter you are researching is a crime which is illegal everywhere in the world and can carry prison times up to 10 years in most of Europe. 3 Hover over your name on the Amazon home page and select "Your Account." This will open your Amazon account page.

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Dont aim to high, dont aim too low. This method carries a very low price tag. But how do these dark websites get the data? Pretend they're not there.

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WikiHow Contributor You can buy anything less than or equal to your gift card value. Make sure to enter in your valid address when registering the card. They were/are actual credit cards, with mag stip, hologram, but only printed card data. While the move toward EMV in America will be a step forward in credit card security, it wont be a silver bullet.

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Decline and Visit Plain Text Site. 3, assemble the goods you intend to buy.