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Not long ago this country was the focus of the world's attention; now it is a place where it seems that just about anything can happen - and, no matter how dramatic, receive scant attention in the world at large. It is unknown how many prostitutes are in the streets of, belgrade and, serbia, one coming, others are leaving, a third pause, a fourth flee headlong after the first customers. Buoyed by a rare opportunity to hit back hard at normally untouchable elements, allies of the slain leader have moved quickly under a state of emergency to rid the country of powerful gangs - gangs that had grown strong under the protection of former dictator.

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Justice Department accuses Backpage of earning 500 million in prostitution-related revenue since its inception in 2004, and of money laundering that entailed routing funds through seemingly unrelated entities, wiring money in and out of foreign accounts and converting it into and out of bitcoin and. Backpage associates were also actively involved in editing ads and advising on how they should be worded, according to the indictment. The military has been placed under civilian control, and Boris Tadic, the new, young defense minister has dismissed general Aco Tomic, the shadowy head of the army's counterintelligence branch, who was said to be creating roadblocks to reform. - alternative to backpage

The rapid pace of dramatic events here does not seem to be slowing down. In 2000, Legija, reading the writing on the wall, aligned himself and his Red Berets with the democratic reform movement led by Djindjic - guaranteeing the success of the popular uprising that ousted Milosevic and thereby buying himself immunity for a time. The indicative price for oral sex is from 800 to 1,000 dinars, and for a classic sex upper limit is two thousand.

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He commanded the Red Berets - a force created by Milosevic's secret police because the dictator did not trust the army to carry out his more controversial orders, which largely involved pillaging, plundering and terrorizing local populations. But his bizarre, violent behavior soon led to his firing, and he returned to his old neighborhood. founders, five others indicted

Later, when the victim's father tried to have his daughter's pictures and ads taken down, the website did not immediately comply, according to the official. Since everything is going on in dark, it is hard to believe they weren't women - adds the inspector. In the indictment, the.S. Belgrade, serbia-montenegro - For a journalist, Iraq is ostensibly the only place to be these days. At his press conference last Wednesday, Zivkovic was reluctant to go after the Red Berets organization as a whole.