Bulgarian Police Raids OneCoin Offices, Ponzi Scheme

MPI warned individuals and enterprises to be vigilant if they encounter the document during business. Onecoin Busted, Onecoin Online, onecoin operations had not ceased after its servers in Sofia were shut down, Bulgarian prosecutors admitted.

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"central bank OF samoa blocks ALL onecoin cryptocurrency transactions". "Here's why hyped-up web currency OneCoin is virtually worthless".

Alleged pyramid scheme OneCoin faces collapse as police

Keep in mind it is really important to include your username every time you open a ticket and contact. 50 witnesses were questioned during the raid, but no arrests have yet been made. Archived from the original.

Onecoin Offices Raided in Sofia, Servers Shut Down

Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any opportunity. In a statement sent to the media, One Network Services said it had been targeted in a showcase police operation. 3, a Chinese prosecutor recovered.7 billion yuan (US267.5 million) while prosecuting 98 people for the scam.

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4, oneCoin is considered a Ponzi scheme, both due to its organisational structure and because of many of the people who are central to OneCoin have previously been involved in other similar Ponzi schemes. The market place had daily selling limits based on which packages the seller had invested in, which greatly limited the amount of onecoins which could be exchanged.

Samoa s Central Bank Investigates OneCoin Investment

"Krp ei aloita tutkintaa Onecoin-valuutasta kehottaa silti erityiseen varovaisuuteen" (in Finnish). "Chinese authorities investigating OneCoin, investors arrested". Currently there is no way to exchange onecoins to any other currency.

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German police and Europol took part in the bust and the investigation. Continue Reading, filed under: OneCoin, october 26, 2017, oneCoin Update.