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Your privacy matters. Of course we still work in conjunction with your clinic to coordinate medical appointments and such, but we are not a medical facility, we are an egg donor/recipient matching service. They will monitor the donor while she is in the donation cycle just the same as they do for other egg donation cycles.

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We have created, and we diligently maintain and continue to add to, the finest selection of available egg donors anywhere in the country. We provide free towing in most cases and convenient pick up options. WHY donate TO cars FOR kids? Whatever the success rates are for that particular clinic is what they will be for you. You feel, and we agree, that the child you are contemplating bringing into your life needs to be as close to you and your husband as possible, and, that close may mean different things to different people, and thats precisely the point of why.

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Donate Your Car or Vehicle Today!  We also accept trucks, vans, motorcycles, RVs, campers, jet skis, forklifts, trailers, however there may be towing costs depending on size and condition of vehicle. Free password (not like some agencies that want to charge you money before you have even seen the donors!) you will enter a secured area of our site that contains the donors profiles.   You need to make that choice!

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What my company offers is a matching service that enables egg donor recipients to select the donor traits that are important to them. We will automatically receive your gift each month.

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 We offer free towing on all cars. The only difference is that you simply went out and found the combination of traits that are important to you. Receive the highest possible TAX Deduction for your donation.