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26 GBP 127.25 AED. 250 GBP 1,223.53 AED. DJ Safety pn: 911209 price: 600 sek Wedgelock connector set Tim McAmis pn: tmr-1191k Pris: 600kr Wing support kit Tim McAmis pn: 1251K price: 1700 sek Inside door panel fastener kit Jerry Bickel pn:2030 price: 600 sek Door bumpers Tim McAmis pn: K174 6pc price.

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13500 GBP 66,070.35 AED. 9400 GBP 46,004.54 AED. 59 GBP 288.75 AED.

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43 GBP 210.45 AED. 490 GBP 2,398.11 AED. 830 GBP 4,062.10 AED. The average rate for the month.80.

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700 GBP 3,425.87 AED 710 GBP 3,474.81 AED. 70 GBP 342.59 AED 71 GBP 347.48 AED. 970 GBP 4,747.28 AED. PSI 8500 rpm rev limiter.

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960 GBP 4,698.34 AED. Water/meth kit never used. Pound to Dirham forecast for. Contact: Dave, country: UK, email: click here Tel: Date: 5/1/2018 5:17:22 AM Ref: Big Block Ford 429-460 Blower Manifold As title, blower manifold for the 385 Series Ford Big Block 429-460ci.

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Price: 1000 sek for both Main bearing BBC Clevite pn: MS-829H price: 900 sek Rod bearings BBC Clevite pn: CB-743HXN 4pc price: 400 sek SBC ATI Replacement Harmonic Balancer Hub pn: 916951 price: 600 sek Let me know what you are interested. Moroso full length sump, melling hp/hi oil pump with uprated oil pump drive. Flowed enderle nozzles, bypass pills port/hat nozzles etc. Gm 164 tooth flex ( poss b/b) ford damper no D2veaa ( poss fe460-429) ford flywheel no C30E -6308B.( 164 tooth 28 OZ) ford flex plate s/b 302 no 2802. Champion Racing Series plugs will apparently fit GM Ford cast iron cylinder heads and some OE design aluminium heads.

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Two water pumps, one reconditioned. 11200 GBP 54,813.92 AED.