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At coin conventions in the late 1980s, where these limited edition special issue Pandas were distributed, buyers lined up outside around the block just to get the chance to purchase them. Quantity Available: Price :  1990 panda Gold Coin Bear 1/10th oz size gold coin - 10 Yuan- from China Pure.9 solid gold Chinese genuine coin About 18mm in diameter, tenth ounce of pure gold. Peoples Republic of China, and were first introduced in 1982.

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Nice Proof-like Uncirculated condition OUT OF stock. With thousands of satisfied customers. Every year, with the exception of one, the design of the coin has changed. Enormous 5- and 12- troy ounce gold Panda "hockey pucks" were issued in limited numbers, and at huge premiums.

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Sizes Produced, there are several different sizes of Pandas offered each year with different values. Nice Proof-like Uncirculated condition Quantity Available: Price :  Each size has the same design as the one pictured.

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The obverse of the Chinese Panda Gold Coins remains consistent from year to year. 1999 panda Bear 1/20th oz size gold coin - from China (ROC) Pure.9 solid gold Chinese genuine coin About 13-14mm in diameter, twentieth ounce of pure gold. Many investors find that collecting the Panda is a fun way to increase their precious metal assets.

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"Five Stars" - By cod zah. 2000 Yuan 5 troy ounce (before 2015) 150 gram (after 2016) 1500 Yuan 3  troy ounce (before 2015) 100 gram (after 2016) 800 Yuan 1  troy ounce (before 2015) 50 gram (after 2016) 500 Yuan 1 troy ounce (before 2015) 30 gram (after 2016) 200 Yuan troy ounce (before. I will buy more of these coins from prior years as they are available. I would purchase more coins from this vendor.

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Lets dive deeper into what these pandas are and why theyre so special. What are Chinese Gold Pandas? See our Our Guarantee!