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Encryption must be performed on the client. It is entirely separate from BitGo production and there is no overlap in data and accounts.

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In order for the receiver to use the wallet, we also need to share the private key with them. TransactionRemoved Activates when a transaction is removed from a users wallet due to a reorganization, a conflict with a confirmed transaction, or if a malleated version of the transaction was confirmed. 0.1 * 1e8 for a tenth of a Bitcoin walletPassphrase string Yes Passphrase for the wallet, used to decrypt the encrypted user key (on client) fee number No The absolute fee in satoshis to be paid to the Bitcoin miners.

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The Blockchain Data API does not require authentication, since it returns only public blockchain data. Method Parameters Name Type Required Description passphrase string Yes The passphrase that will be used to encrypt the user keys of the wallet before sending it to BitGo label string Yes A label for this wallet backupXpub string No Public key of a backup keychain. Validate boolean No Extra verification of signatures (which are always verified server-side defaults to global configuration. Logout Logout of the BitGo service.

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Typical access tokens are locked to a single IP-address and valid for 60 minutes. Parameters Parameter Type Required Description target number Yes desired number of unspents after running the function minConfirms number No only choose unspent inputs with a certain number of confirmations walletPassphrase string No Passphrase of the wallet xprv string No the private key in string form. Tx This method is for advanced API users.

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Encrypt( password: "password input: "this is a secret" / encyrptedString Available only as a local method (BitGo Express) password'password' input'this is a secret' curl -X post -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d " "password "password "input "input" " "encrypted" : Client-side function to encrypt a string. Log Sending transaction ndTransaction(tx: transaction. Method Parameters Parameter Type Required Description seed array of numbers No Array of numbers with at least 32 elements. You can then initialize the SDK by doing tGo.

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Response Field Description confidence Confidence of the estimation as used by BitGo. Transaction url http/https url for callback requests List User Webhooks curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer access_token" m/api/v1/webhooks stWebhooks function callback(err, result) console. When sending a BitGo Instant transaction, the transaction may fail if you do not have enough confirmed unspents in your wallet, or if the transaction would cause you to exceed the risk limits supported for your wallet. It is *very important* to have the user print out / back up their user and backup keys. Curl -X post -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer access_token" -d " "recipients "address "amount 1500000, "address "amount 2500000, "walletPassphrase "walletpassphrase" " Convenience function to send Bitcoin to multiple destination addresses in a single transaction.