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 (Salt). Sns ' (Cryptocurrency) (Coin) '. December 8, 17Exclusive: Ilan Tzorya to Launch a Major Investment Fund Focusing on Crypto.

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April 16, is your Short-cut to a Successful ICO.  short code RCN.

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ID verifiers, verify and attest the identity of each borrower as a first security measure. December 11, 17Krypton Capital Launches Its Blockchain Eco-System With a Massive Portfolio.

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RCN (peer to peer). . RCN is a peer-to-peer global credit network protocol based on cosigned smart contracts and blockchain technology.

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Facundo Rodriguez, blockchain developer, pablo Lefort, full stack developer. Wallet providers, generate the smart contracts and broadcast them to the network, adding information on the borrowers and their credit requests. June 13, 18Krypton Capital Creates One-Stop Shop for ICO Marketing with icobackers Launch.

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Agustin Aguilar, smart contracts developer, sergio Demian Lerner Co-founder Chief Scientist at RootStock (RSK) Juan Llanos Fintech Regtech Lead at Consensys Jeff Stewart Co-founder Chairman at Lenddo Steven Nerayoff Ethereum ICO Architect and CEO Alchemist Ripio Kyber Network o Biocoin Shapeshift Exchange Union RSK Decentraland. Sebastian Serrano, founder CEO, david Garcia, sVP Partner. May 23, 18next block Conference Lives up to Expectations, Unlocking the Future of Blockchain. Online ICO Has Been Successfully Finished.