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Staying within melee distance will prevent Nex from force moving you into a position where you may end up surging into a wall closeby and allowing her to heal from your mistake. BIO: I have been playing RS (Runescape) for nine years, and i'm in the process of working on a max cape! Final Edit Zaros phase: During this phase, Nex activates Turmoil, yelling "NOW, THE power OF zaros!".

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The trapped player cannot attack Nex, even if they have broken free of the stun - however, they can still attack other targets in range. 07:59, information, future updates coming to RuneScape, frequently Asked Questions of /r/runescape.

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Also dont forget escaping the blood sacrifice if you dont finish the phase before that. If not you might just die. Nex can either attempt to melee the target or use magic attacks against the trapped player.

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Edited February 11 by Nox. Regardless of whatever she says, immediately use a bleed if possible and go under Nex or lure her into the corners to double the bleed damage. Once Nex is killed, move far away to avoid her Wrath damage. Zaros Phase - 15:20, a Full, nex, solo - 16:, subscribe, it's free!