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Name Description Properties error Fired when an error occurs when attempting to render the chart. You can include multiple compositions by multiple calls to AdobeEdge. It does not pass back any values. Currently this property will always be set to optional unless you are using Gadget and have configured it to assume that code-signing is required.

JavaScript API, frida A world-class dynamic

Optional data roles may be used as well, but they must be defined explicitly using object literal notation. ExecuteTriggers can be true, false, or null and indicates whether triggers at the starting position are fired: true - all triggers at the starting position are fired. Returns an object with the following: Value Description Possible Values Type client The client that is currently being used "vast" "googima" String creativetype The type of ad that was skipped - String tag The URL of the ad tag that was skipped - String jwplayer.on. See NativeFunction for details about supported types and abis. For example, "Rectangle" eventName - The event.

Native Fullscreen JavaScript API (plus jQuery plugin

( PyPI ) ( Evaluation ) ceterach - Python3 library, fully PEP8 compliant. For January: M produces 1 MM produces 01 MMM produces Jan mmmm produces January "July" "07" d Day in month. Value Description Type - No value returned - ose Closes the recommendations user interface. Includes some helpful stuff like throttling.

Google Visualization API, reference Charts Google

Data.min number, string, Date number, string, Date The minimum value in the array. Note: When using this method with a non-DVR live stream, the player will appear paused. Events Most visualizations fire events to indicate something has occurred.

Adobe Edge Animate

Last updated in November 2016. Closing a listener multiple times is allowed and will not result in an error. Object instance used for chaining up to super-class method implementations superClass: super-class as an ObjC.