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Say you really managed to do well performance wise, and your contributions, grants, and returns have totaled 300K. Maybe the student could buy a condo if there was a huge amount in the resp. .

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I would suggest just keep after them, if there is any resistance. You pay the 10 on all distributions to date, plus interest from the date of the distribution to the date you decide to discontinue your sepp program. When doing a withdrawal, you should specify how much of the money will be coming from contributions and how much from accumulated income. If the child is not eligible to receive payments from an resp which would be the case if they quit school then the non-contribution payments are taxed in the hands of the subscriber (account owner) along with a 20 penalty. .

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You can take advantage of the six-month rule which allows you to do an EAP for six months after the child has stopped going to school. There is no withholding tax on EAPs.

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If the student drops out of school and the accumulated income has to be withdrawn as an AIP (Accumulated Income Payment then the resp grants are returned to the government, the money is taxable income for the subscriber and there is a 20 penalty tax. But in todays topic we will discourse about the process of withdrawal money from ATM through your card. Obviously, if the child is no longer enrolled in school then any withdrawals are not going to be used for educational purposes, yet the government went out of its way to allow this. Dont be afraid to ask for enough to tide your student over for a while. . How to Use Banks ATM to Deposit Money in ATM Machine with an Envelope.

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Withdrawing from an resp is not as convenient as withdrawing from your chequing account. . Dont worry about taking more than the child needs you can store the extra money in your tfsa or the students tfsa.

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EAPs are taxable in the students hands. Want to learn more about resps? Step 5 : Account Type, aTM screen will show various types of account. You can use up to 120 of the "Mid-Term Applicable Federal Rate" as a reasonable rate but you must use the mortality table in Appendix B of IRS Revenue Ruling 2002-62. In addition to the regular income taxes you must pay upon withdrawal, the IRS also imposes a 10 percent tax penalty.