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The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Bronze 50 cash (?). Main article: Purple Coin Purple Coins are found only in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 when a Purple Comet is orbiting a galaxy.

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Government to buy millions of ounces of silver (driving up the price of the metal and pleasing silver miners) for money (pleasing farmers and many others). But Henry Demarest Lloyd was much harsher, writing: "The free silver movement is a fake. Regular coins are still only found in Subspace. Reverse: single rim and crescent (several varieties are known with the crescents in various positions.

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Mario (in Super Smash Bros. There are different variants of coins : bronze, silver, gold, big silver, and big gold. Reverse: Auspicious Cloud at the bottom, double rims. S-446, "KAI-yuan T'UNG-PAO" in seal script (meaning "The Inaugural coinage. Reverse: blank except for double rims.

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New Super Mario Bros. Obverse: "yung-T'UNG CH'UAN-HUO" (meaning Eternal Circulation Coin).

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Super Mario Chess edit In the board game Super Mario Chess, Coins are used as pawn pieces on the "heroes" side. Son of Li Lung-chi AD 756 Su Tsung (full control)   (nominal control) AD 756-757 AD 758-761 Shih Su-ming rebel AD 757-761 Tai Tsung AD 762-779 Te Tsung AD 780-805 Hien Tsung AD 806-820 Mu Tsung AD 821-824? AD 960 Chao K'uang Yin took the reign title T'ai Tsu, as first Emperor of the Northern Sung Dynasty. This also had the result of suppressing counterfeiting by removing the raw materials from the hands of the counterfeiters. Coins are also made an item obtainable from Item Boxes, an item not seen since Super Mario Kart.