1000 quid equals how many us dollars

See the link below to Universal Currency Converter for a currency conversion. So just multiply your English quid.5 and you get your average worth. So 7 quid.92 USD. While it's not m policy to say "use the Internet that'sthe best approach in this case. Dollar as their official currency, and many others allow it to be used in a de facto capacity.

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The last series was dated 1934 but they were produced up till part of an effort to thwart the use of high-denomination billsin criminal activities, in 1969 President Nixon ordered banks tostop distribution of all bills larger than 100 and to send anythat they received. 1000 USD 31,490.57 Thai Baht THB. However, if you plan on exchanging a large amount of money you have to be careful because US customs has a limit of what i believe is 10,000 dollars anything beyond that will be taxed.

How much is 1000 quid in US dollars?

It's known locally as a buck or greenback. It would be foolish though because they'reworth more to collectors - anywhere from 1100 to over 2000 as of04/2010. "Dropping food from the mouth while chewing. "Thank you, dear, for reminding.

Pounds, shillings, quid, pence?

Today (January 17, 2010 1 UK pound US1.6259 about.99.i went to the bank and exchanged my ats an approximate amount of what they or it is worth. Sometimes the slang for the money in the United Kingdom is simply called sterling. The term quid has been used a long time ago already; however, these days people are getting confused as to when and how the term quid and pound are used interchangeably. Normally two different currencies will stay around the same exchange rate, but changes in the economy in either country or the world may give large fluctuations.

UK, quid equal to the, uS, dollar

1 quid is 1 pound. You shoulg go to your local bank just to make sure that i am rightt!

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One Quid, Two Quid, One Hundred Quid. See what markets say or, jump to Comments, convert 1000 GBP / 1000 USD to major currencies. Hsbc was"g.51 at the same time. The truth is, when you compare it to the currency of the United States, it has a similar issue.

1000 GBP to USD - 1000, british Pound, sterling to, uS, dollar

(Or 1 penny) Hope this helps. Exchange rates change every day. Currency conversions vary on a continual basis.