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Demand is an important factor for any market, and Coinbase wants to ensure they only add coins that already have sufficient demand and functioning communities prior to the Coinbase announcement. So far, Coinbase has denied all rumors related to XRP support. This sent XRP which was approaching 4 back to the.30 range it currently resides.

Coinbase Announces ERC20 Token Support What Will This Mean

Advertising : A listing will inherently attract the attention of all mainstream crypto media outlets. From a sheer numbers perspective, this coin sure looks like its in the lead to join Coinbase. To top that off, 3 out of 4 of 0xs advisors listed on their website are ex-Coinbase employees: Fred Ehrsam was a co-founder, Olaf Carlson-Wee was the first hire, and Lina Xie was a project manager.

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Ive ordered these in order of importance from my perspective, but the weighting of each criteria can be changed based on personal preferences. Given the fact that XRP is the third best currency according to the global coin report list, we were very much interested in finding out the reason behind this devastating refusal, so we dug a bit and scrapped the surface of this story to reveal. Get blockchain news and crypto insights. BitOasis is most popular in the Middle East and North Africa and ranks well because of its simplicity. However, Coinbase wants to ensure there is already a high customer demand.

Coinbase addresses Ripple rumors, says it has made no decision

Its important to evaluate whether or not the coin has plans to move to their own mainnet in the near future (such as EOS). All eyes will be on the crypto space for the next few months, and the King expects big news from Coinbase before the closure.

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Coinbase said after BCH no new coins would be added for a short while (even though they confirmed additions in Q1 2018). Are there any Y-Combinator connections? The latest rumour in early March saw XRP spike almost.

The Reason Why Coinbase Just Won t Add Ripple (XRP) Any Time

Nodes are very important as the blockchain runs on the community that is supporting it (quite literally on the computing power of it). Coinbase announced their listing requirements for a coin in Q4 of 2017, but the company still retains full and absolute discretion for listing or delisting any asset, so meeting the requirements is just step 1 of the framework.