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The decision clarifies the state of the law in Delaware. Asset Purchase, the sale of some or all of the assets of a company is one method of transferring part or full ownership in the underlying business. .

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Citation needed When assignment will be permitted edit The common law favors the freedom of assignment, so an assignment will generally be permitted unless there is an express prohibition against assignment in the contract. Transfer of Agreement.

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Thus, in essence, the anti-assignment clause was never triggered in the first place. Absent language to the contrary, a tenant may assign their rights to an assignee without the landlord's consent.

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Accordingly, non-exclusive IP license rights pertaining to copyright, trademark, and patent licenses are generally considered non-assignable, unless specific consent is given by the non-assigning party. General principles edit There are numerous requirements that exist for an equitable assignment of property, outside the 'standard' clear and unconditional intention to assign. No reader should act on the basis of this publication without seeking appropriate professional advice as to the particular facts and applicable law involved. Under this structure, the subsidiary obtains all of the target companys assets and liabilities by operation of law.

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Accordingly, the contracts of the target remain with the surviving entity without the need to obtain third party consents or take other action. Dont simply prohibit assigning the entire contracta court might construe that as prohibiting just delegation of duties.

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In the rarer case where transfer is defined, it might look like this: As used in this Agreement, the term transfer includes the Franchisees voluntary, involuntary, direct or indirect assignment, sale, gift or other disposition of any interest. In the mergers and acquisitions context, an assignment of a contract from a target company entity to the relevant acquirer entity is needed whenever a contract has to be placed in the name of an entity other than the existing target company entity after consummation.