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To buy following Cryptocurrencies in India, you need to have Bitcoins that you can easily buy on, zebpay. The vrXcity will be a photo-realistic ecosystem where the user can fully interact with 3D-versions of his favourite stars or/and other users and create own content to fulfil all possible fantasies. XMR, cPU mining, CryptoNight 2014, augur, rEP, smart contract 2015, stratis, strat 2016.

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Joined the US Bitcoin Foundation in 2014 as an Evangelist and Fundraiser and founded. We accept crypto payments in BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and XLM as well as USD and EUR via bank transfer.

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They created a token called CRD which has total supply of 1,000,000,000. Selection of our largest partners within our ecosystem of vrXcity. That means users will put positive pressure on exchange pricing if the token price ever dips below 1 100 redBUX and push the price back up again.

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Investors from across the globe are welcome to invest with the exception of a few regulated countries: USA, Peoples Republic of China (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau are allowed Republic of Singapore, North and South Koreas, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, Sudan, and Cuba. Now you might be thinking if there are 900 cryptocurrencies all over the world then.

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Like Bitcoin, Steem is a blockchain transferable tokens. Its also possible to visit one of vrXcity's physical scanning stations and become a real 3D model for vrXcity.