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Use Authenticator Security Code on your computer. To make sure your computer is secure, review our. If you're keeping your phone number, then you don't need to do anything in advance to prepare. If you have a smartphone, we recommend you use the Google Authenticator app.

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What devices does the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator work on? Blizzard SMS Protect to your account, your primary backpack size is increased. Then go back to the application you're trying to access and enter your App Password. Log out of your account (go to the Log Out menu on iOS, or go to Settings / Log Out on the Android app).

Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator - Managing Your Account

It's easy: Log in to the Steam store Go to the account drop-down at the top right of the page and select Account Details Select the Manage Steam Guard item on the right. Why are my items on hold? Tap Time correction for codes Tap Sync now On the next screen, the app will confirm that the time has been synced, and you should now be able to use your verification codes to sign. Not at this time.

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Authenticator lost, regaining account?

For example, if you are signed out of your Google Voice app, you might need a verification code to get back. When you attach both the Blizzard Authenticator and. When the app asks for your authenticator code, select "Please help, I no longer have access to my Mobile Authenticator codes." Follow the steps the app provides and you can either transfer your authenticator to the new device or remove it from the previous device. It's been over a year since i last played.

Lost Authenticator - Now what?

Adding a Mobile Authenticator will not reduce the length of existing item holds. View Tickets, submit a support ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! If youve lost your phone, you might be able to buy a new phone with the same phone number from your carrier or purchase a new SIM card. Also make sure youve got adequate cell signal when youre trying to receive your codes. Is there a way to get backup codes in case I lose my phone?