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The platform is powered by the IndaHash token (IDH an ERC20 token that is used as the medium of exchange between brands and influencers. Current price.1741.00142636 BTC Market cap 316,863,000 Daily change -5.31 #20 Status (SNT) Status is an open source messaging platform and mobile browser that allows users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) that run on the Ethereum Network.

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Founders Reward: The Founders Reward was established to fund the developers for building Zcash and to meet ongoing development costs. After completing these steps, select Buy/Sell at the top menu. . It incorporates energy applications, such as a P2P energy trading application that allows businesses to host trading on the platform. On EtherDelta users remain in 100 control of their funds all the time. Current price.482641.00006766 BTC Market cap 168,924,000 Daily change -4.04 #32 Veritaseum (veri) Veritaseum is a smart contract-based wallet interface that allows anyone to create, enter and manage smart contracts without the need for any kind of intermediaries, middleman or centralized authority.

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After using the link to. Crypto tokens) and cryptocurrencies (e.g. SPF token is the fuel of the SportyCo's ecosystem.

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WAX is designed to serve videogamers to collect and trade virtual assets. The platform supports the dental community by building and creating solutions devoted to improving the quality of dental care worldwide. Donors can make direct bank transfers, including international transfers, to our accounts.

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Its customers are likely more motivated than others to seek anonymity online. Worse, there is nothing the sender can do to avoid this outcome. Current price.0120589.00000169 BTC Market cap 21,525,100 Daily change -10.08 #157 Aurora DAO (aura) Aurora DAO is a suite of dApps and protocols that together comprise a fully decentralized and autonomous banking and finance platform.