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If you have material to sell we offer a straightforward and easy to follow service which gives you the option of consigning your material to auction, or selling it to us direct for cash. Hardback with dust jacket, 302 pages. The popularity of the tokens was apparent by the vast numbers that began to be produced, and with a short number of years there were thousands of different designs in circulation. Bristol, south Wales, One Penny Token, prince of Wales plumes, coronet, and motto "Ich Dien". Then, collectors should also recall the Civil War Tokens from 1862 to 1865, which circulated during the Civil War because most federal coinage was hoarded while the populace waited to see who would win the war.

British Tokens and Their Values: Peter Seaby, Monica Bussell

Since they had the available resource (copper) they decided to produce half-penny and penny tokens by themselves to alleviate the local problem. With this assurance, the tokens were well received by the local populace and beyond. As a result, the genuine coinage was hoarded by the populace and did not circulate. We offer free appraisals, house visits, free collection of bulky material from your home, immediate cash offers and an auctioneering service.

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Colletti Author A Guide Book of The Official Red Book of United States Coins Co-Founder NumisSociety. Copies of the original text are available for download on line. Newcastle upon tyne Reverse: Female seated on a bale with spear and cornucopia, with a ship in the distance, northumberland durham XXX pence token 1811 on the ground, NEF and attractively toned, we note a Fine example sold for 82 in LCA 156 (March 2017).

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DH3c NEF scarce Bishop Blaze/Leeds Cloth Hall DH41 EF with a couple of digs on the reverse 42 (2) s - John Smalpage mb (2) 1811 VF, 1812 VF toned 110 (2) - 1811 NVF, toned, Yorkshire - Lord Marshall Good Fine 60 (5). Commonly they were round, but octagonal, square and heart-shaped flans were also used.

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Payable at Hobson Son's, Button Manufacturers, Sheffield, Cherub above a sheaf of arrows. This silver token is about the size of a US dime. In 1775 the British government ceased production of copper coins, both the half penny and penny.

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Before we ship books we will advise you of the shipping costs by e-mail, as these costs vary significantly per book and per region. Index to British Paranumismatica for Sale by Category. The fact that they did circulate is apparent by the heavy wear that is seen on many of the tokens. The coins still in circulation quickly became very worn and they were soon circulating with light weight forgeries that angered the public. Buy British Tokens London Coins holds auctions every three months in Bracknell, Berkshire with a dedicated section for Tokens.

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These added varieties included mules, that is, pieces with one obverse and a reverse that belonged to another token. In 1798 James Conder (not Condor as often written) wrote the definitive resource for these amazing pieces, titled an arrangement of Provincial Coins, tokens, and medalets issued in Great Britain, Ireland, and the colonies, within the last twenty years, from the farthing to the penny. And reissue copies may be available. Conder Tokens- Born Out of Necessity. For further details please see our How To Sell Your Coins page and request our information pack.