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They may not apply to the game you're fixing. Other Sports Take your seat for sporting greatness with tickets to events taking place this autumn and winter. I like to bend the resting flipper pawl/link metal guide slightly to give the flipper bat slightly more travel. Williams chime box with the plumbing washers installed under the chime bar, and the clear tubing (cut slightly shorter) and installed over the metal stays.

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So to put a Williams flipper coil in a Gottlieb requires some "tweaking" and adjusting. Some game features don't work, see the Game Features section. On the stepper unit there will be a knotched wheel with a pin sticking out. They have been using whatever mining development took place prior to our ownership was all very manual like Jacklegs and. Rosenberg, Ron (December 11, 1982).

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Switch Contacts: Checking, Adjusting, Cleaning, score Reels Score Reel Relays: Checking, Adjusting, Cleaning. They don't require a lot of maintenance, but it's a good idea to clean them to ensure good rotation. The AC 60 cycles sets up a vibration which causes the noise. This way all the "A" sized paper went into the "A" sized filing cabinet. This is because the coil itself on the Guardian is incased in plastic.

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If there is the same relay coil number used elsewhere in the game, compare the two resistances, as they should be the same. 9 Bushnell and Dabney offered to license Pong to Bally, but the company had no idea what to do with the game, and did not immediately take the license.

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Gottlieb adds a 50 mfd 50v capacitor (installed on the coil lugs parallel to the coil diode, with the cap's " lead connected to the diode banded lead) and a 6 ohm 2 watt resistor (in front of the second diode) to the circuit too. And, hopefully, Rochester and Palmarejo can sustain the good trends that they established in the first quarter. The plunger wore right thru the brass and into the wire, causing a short in the coil. And so that the real thing that tilted to the front half of the year is really the CapEx of Silvertip. Because the score motor has several different levels (cams and many switches associated with each cam, a numbering system was created to identify the switch stacks.