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Once you restart factomd, new information will become available. The main unique feature is the big LED backlit touch screen display which alows you to operate the device locally.

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It has four different levels of public/private keys, which can be used to replace lower level keys such as a Signing Key (to sign transactions) or an Anchor Key (to anchor Merkle Roots of Factom chains in the Bitcoin blockchain). This example shows that 100 FTC were sent from the input address to the output address, with a transaction fee.006 FCT debited to the sender.

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Important: This backup should be copied to a safe location, and should be clearly distinguished from the first backup you made (in other words, make sure that you can keep the Secure and Not Secure backups safe). Free and generatable offline just like everything else on this site. You will need a source address containing some FCT and a destination EC address to be able to to do this. To run the Factom Control Panel, you need some basic command line knowledge while the Factom Explorer doesnt require you to run any Factom apps. Afterthe Key Holders agree on a location to send x amount of ogecoins, and then after the required number of Signatures are collected, the money moves!

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To view the private key for any address in your address book, you need to first enable this ability in your settings. Here is a sample multisig Address: Multisigs can be powerful tools. Select receive factoids from the menu. To recall a wallet using this method, youll need to make your way to the settings page.

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The number of FCT used will be deducted from your wallet s balance, so dont freak out when you see your FCT balance reduced. If your wallet file is not in the default location, then you need to manually add it to /.factom/factoid_ wallet _bolt.

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Main Status Page For most users, this page will be the primary interface to their local factomd node where they can gather at a glance all the info necessary to check its status. However, since there arent any Key Merkle Roots and the blocks use straight hashing rather than a slower function that would make brute force attacks more difficult, we had to get creative. Remember, ECs are non-transferrable and cannot be sold or traded on an exchange. This is a way to maintain access to your factoids in case something happens to your Enterprise Wallet installation or your machine.

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All computations are performed in Javascript within the browser. Once happy select view transaction to reveal the fee. Address generation from a seed in case you lose your wallet you can re-generate your addresses from the seed. Wasnt that hard, was it?