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I started playing the free hour and once I got the hang of using the camera and changing lenses, etc. We picked out five games that stood out in the Windows Phone Store and there are still a large flock of "bird" games loose in the store.

These Windows Phone games are for the birds Windows Central

And these ravens were just some of the many used to advance the plot in HBOs hit fantasy show a raven carried a message from. Your Security and Privacy are important to us! Birds and the War. Samuel Morse invented the telegraph.

Snapshot Adventures - Secret of Bird Island iPad

 This element of play adds to the fun and exciting challenge. Empire look and feel.

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It takes advantage of physical space in a way few games do and the result is an excellent game. Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly time History newsletter. The birds were then used to set up a series of big moments in Sundays episode, including Samwell Tarlys hasty decision to leave the Citadel and a tricky maneuver. I would have rated this game a 5 if it actually worked!

Moa, a Martin Wallace Board Game of Birds Mammals for 3-5

Carrier pigeons continued to be used in the centuries that followed and one tale claims that a fruit-loving Arab ruler during the Middle Ages used the birds for more than just delivering his correspondences. But that didnt stop him from delivering the message, and his heroic commitment eventually led to the remaining 197 trapped soldiers getting saved.