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The P2PF Library,. This map would potentially allow people to identify the degree and precise location of internet outages. They may differ in size and focus, but ultimately a hub is a hub when it unites, inspires and promotes a community. "Prix Ars Electronica 2011.and the Golden Nicas. 7, knowledge Commons edit, the P2P Foundation maintains a number of websites including an open access wiki and daily blog, as well as an interactive, didactic website with introductory materials and infographics.

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 By supporting the mobility of creative hub leaders to other hubs, we enable learning and exchange of best practices, and foster international collaboration and co-creation. The grants have a value of 1000 EUR, and are aimed to help cover partially the costs of travel, accommodation and subsistence of beneficiaries who set up for a work experience in a different creative hub. 10 11 The p2p foundation verified that the account was the same account that posted one of the first papers describing bitcoin.

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Jorge Ferrer, the comparing mind is an essential underpinning of hierarchy, constantly engaged in ranking individuals as higher or lower to each other. "James Burke - The Next Speaker". This definition includes a number of elements that might also apply to peer to peer spirituality. Because this grant is seen as a partial financial aid, peers are encouraged to spend at least 5 full working days in the hosting creative hub, but there is no upper limitation on the amount of time beneficiaries can spend in another creative hub.

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Much of the data used for the mapping is supplied by volunteers. This approach considers each spiritual tradition as a set of injunctions within a specific social framework thats influenced by epoch-specific values such as patriarchy and doctrines of exclusive truth. An Ethereum Blockchain-based platform token. The key positive ethical value of a peer to peer spirituality - and what distinguishes it from all older forms - is rooted in what has been called equipotentiality : the capacity of every human being to develop their own qualities, which are all necessary. New Age spirituality is often geared towards a marketplace of commodified spiritual experiences that are available for sale.

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Of necessity, the methodology of spiritual inquiry in this approach is radically different. Peer production or p2p is defined as any process that allows for open input, participatory processing, and where the output is universally available as a commons to all. 31st March 2017, intro, the P2P scheme is a mobility exchange programme to support the development and networking of creative hubs leaders across Europe. The European Creative Hubs Network has therefore planned to support 50 beneficiaries in experiencing working in a different Creative Hub and learning from the experience or setting up a collaborative project.

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Michel Bauwens, James Burke and Brice Le Blvennec. 15 The Chokepoint project was awarded the Prix Arts Electronica in May 2011 in the Next Idea category. Blog News section, P2P story tag. "Desperately Seeking Satoshi: Bitcoin Creator Hunt Turns Bizarre".

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The project's aim is to create a live visual map of the internet that identifies Chokepoints and people holding access to these Chokepoints. In these groups, the spiritual search starts by collectively accepting certain experiments and injunctions in order to facilitate the emergence of spiritual experience, but there is no pre-ordained path.