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I think that we are talking about a few different things here actually. Google Spreadsheet you may be amazed to discover. How to add a, timestamp in, google, docs. It shows how to install a script which will add a timestamp automatically to last column. Reading only the time will require a different approach.

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Google sheet is one of my favorite. Google for privacy concerns. I created a Service that works with Chrome, takes no input, and runs a shell script and sends the output to the clipboard. Google Spreadsheet functions that allow you to always display the current date and time in your spreadsheet. . Is it possible that, when I share it with my teacher, the timestamp shows last edited at 11pm instead of 2am?

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Google spreadsheet that contains 5 cells, the first 3 contains only words while the last 2 contains time, specifically a timestamp. Text( NOW tEXT( NOW is a highly-customizable official.

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On MacOS, I used Automator. Or you might need different features. If you have any questions, please ask them in comment section.

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This is how I actually discovered it). Today I came across a video. But when i copied it to mine, the output in cell 4 and cell 5 is the Date today and not the time. I could also have had the shell script pipe the output of date to the clipboard, pbcopy on Mac, as above (using "clip.

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