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Trajan Decius (September/ October 249AD June 251AD This is a silver antoninianus minted by Trajan Decius around 250AD. The obverse has a turreted bust of Tyche right facing right, The reverse has Poseidon on prow of ship sailing left, holding wreath and  trident with phoenician letters above andphoenician numerals beneath. The following year they established a penal colony there. . Apollonia Pontika, click Here.  After carefully reading.

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They both  helped Jamaica gain independence. . It is an attractive, colorful note with many security features and is the only circulating seven dollar bill in the world today.

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Pcgs offers the hair strand configuration, shield-shape, and gown-attachments as prime focal points. The reverse of this 1948 2 Francs of Reunion depicts sugar cane on the reverse. . The story of Pegasus begins when Perseus is sent to kill one of the three Gorgons Medusa who had writhing snakes instead of hair. .

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There were many murders done by those competing for the office of emperor. The obverses depict the coat-of-arms of Fiji and the date. Km.) in the Pacific Ocean with a population of only about 100,000. . Shells and a 19th Century proa from the island of Satawal is on the 50 Cents. Onto this turbulent scene emerged Gaius Julius Caesar, from a very aristocratic family of limited wealth.

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According to the founding myth of Rome, the city was founded on 21 April 753BC by twin brothers Romulus and Remus, who were descended from the Trojan prince Aeneas and who were grandsons of the Latin King Numitor of Alba Longa. The males will attempt copulation with members of their own species regardless of sex or size, and dies after successfully mating. . The obverse has a diademed and draped bust facing left, with long beard and wide fringe of hair below diadem, a star within crescent above and an anchor below. Barbara Daily (Brazos Net i just wanted to thank you guys so much for the amazing turnaround time and tremendously high quality and customization of the pins and wristbands you did.