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They Poloniex team in the recent update stated that even if two workable blockchains come together, they may or may not support both of them and will only make decisions only after they are satisfied with the fact that they can  support without any risks. It will also start supporting the BCC on their platform. To Get started on Poloniex, the easiest way is to deposit any cryptocurrency or usdt and start trading.

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The Circle Poloniex Team at 17:06:40. Coinbase says: Over the last several days, weve examined all of the relevant issues and have decided to work on adding support for bitcoin cash for Coinbase customers. I don't understand how someone can say it is good news, yes, it is good news because they will send coins after all, but 14 days waiting?

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Their decision was depended on the network stability which will assure safety for the token users and keep away all the risks. We are now requiring that all legacy Poloniex accounts become verified through the latest version of our verification portal. Don't have an account?

Update on Bitcoin Cash (BCC) from Bittrex and Poloniex Steemit

SegWit2x has overwhelming support and I stand by my commitment. Finally, Poloniex, another exchange that lists all sorts of coins, has also stated they will distribute the Bitcoin Cash.

Poloniex will credit BCC on or before 8/14 - Bitcoin Forum

Have a five minute, fifteen minute, thirteen minute, two hour, and four hour candlesticks. Shapeshift has also come out in support, stating, in a twist of sorts, that you can now buy or sell BCH with dozens of digital assets. Press h to open a hovercard with more details.

Poloniex is issuing BCC on 14th August and will now support BCC

Interest rates were ridiculous last night and I suspect they will be even higher once we approach T-2 days from the fork. And it as per their aspect to make sure whether the market will be stable or no for BCC, they surely made their point very clear.

Coinbase, Poloniex, to Distribute Bitcoin Cash, Shapeshift Adds BCC

Did you guys pull out your BTC completely, keep it on Poloniex without withdrawing, or are you continuing to lend? Well make a determination at a later date about adding trading support, they say. Posted by, poloniex Team at 23:49:30, on May 15, we're introducing more compelling, consistent pricing across the board. We are asking everyone to take action within the next 14 days. The decision was expected as once Bitcoin Cash gained considerable value, rising to an all time high of 811 on its first day of trading not far off from its futures all time high price of near 900 before the fork it became somewhat obvious.