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Page 1 2. If you were to buy the Redding 300-221 die both of these buttons come with the die and arent needed. In fact, the new 300 BLK bullets depend upon the standard rib to maintain cartridge alignment in the magazine.

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270 and.30 Cal Expander, one thing I notice was the smoothness of the buttons, it was almost as if they had some sort of grease on them already but they hadnt. I found a number of articles stating on carbine length gas systems that the gas port would have to be enlarged by drilling it out. Those were the good days.

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There is no need to add any additional lube/wax to the 30cal neck sizing step there will be plenty left on the cases from the first step to get the job done. A few weeks later I was back on the bench working up other loads utilizing Magnum Pistol powder I had found in the Hornady #9 manual. Edited by Rancid Coolaid - September/16/2013 at 16:32. 2 205 by newtoSig765 Stackable Washer and Dryer Recommendation 10 210 by KevH How To Almost Completely Erase Your Digital Footprint 6 1069 by okcgene Genuine GM Parts - Internet 9 350 by Woodman Illinois town votes to ban firearms.

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If any Non Mil - Spec (Adjustable Gas Block, Heavy Buffer, Reinforced Springs, Light/Heavy bcgs, Piston Systems) parts are used, X-Caliber must be contacted. Closer examination showed that after these cases were formed from 223 brass by being cut with a chop saw that they had an outside burr on them which when measured by my calipers made the brass slightly out of spec. Rcbs Rock Chucker, Redding Competition Die Set, 270cal tapered button part#16276, 30cal tapered button part#16301 and Hornady Case Wax. I had not used up all of my accurate powder yet but I felt like I had to find something else that would work considering how hard Accurate powder is to find in my neck of the woods.

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I've been having good luck with the NOE 247 grain cast bullet. By combatvet *Auction* One of a Kind Prototype SIG-Sauer pistol. Though this cartridge peaked my interest I was not willing to add another caliber to the reloading stable or invest in a rifle until Darrel my long time friend and shooting partner was able to sneak this out to the range one day and had. We use Mil - Spec parts for testing. So, in some cases, it can be beneficial to modify one or a few mags for using these reloads.