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In the world there are only six Mandela rare coins and they are all R5 coins. Should that projection be correct this will translate to a 60 increase in your capital.

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All South Africans have to have investments that are valued in a major currency like the US dollar. When they sold at R275 000 in July of the same year this was a further rise.6. South America has hundreds and thousands of plant species but few animals. They cannot be from an overseas mint.g. This prevented rare coin dealers from overpricing rare coins.

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Low Prices, high Prices 0, watchlist View All Clear All. All of your returns are tax free on rare coins. They also cannot be produced privately in South Africa or minted by the South African mint with Mandela's image and be considered rare unless they are currency coins.e.

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Had you been prudent enough to invest in several of the proof 70's in January 2012 at R125 000 you would have had a return on your capital of 120. THE rare R5 90TH birthday 2008 proof AND mint state coins ARE THE fastest appreciating rare coins IN THE history OF THE world! Rare coins are one of the highest returning capital instruments on the planet. Sort by DefaultLower PriceHigher PriceEnding SoonWhat's NewHot Selling. R20.00 or Make an Offer, buy Now, r20.00 or Make an Offer, buy Now, r20.00 or Make an Offer, buy Now, r20.00 or Make an Offer, buy Now, r20.00 or Make an Offer, buy Now, r20.00 or Make an Offer, buy Now, r125.00 or Make.

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Low Prices, high Prices. We have been in business for around 25 years.

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You are able to buy Mandela rare R5 coins at reasonable rand prices that are going to convert to dollar prices. OIN is the largest rare coin company in South Africa. We strongly urge you to buy as many of the proof 70's and proof 69's that you can this year to add them to your investment portfolio. Nelson Mandela is arguably the greatest human being that ever has ever lived excluding the religious figures.

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They have provided international recognition of the fact that the Mandela R5 rare coins are some of the rarest coins in the world and that they are able to sell for large amounts of money in the international market. We are projecting that the proof 69 Mandela R5 birthday coins will be selling for R40 000 at the end of 2016. Click the star icon in your favorite listings to add items to your Watchlist. If you want to be a great person you have to study great people.