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MME Legal Tax Compliance is an innovative Swiss enterprise offering comprehensive professional consultancy and litigation services in all legal, tax and compliance matters. This type of vetting has traditionally been more difficult in the anonymity of the cryptosphere, but Blockhaus has worked with. The age of tokenized ecosystems is upon us, but we will only achieve its immense potential if we ensure the technology is adopted responsibly.

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Regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC in July stated that some of the coins, also called tokens, may be considered securities subject to federal rules and regulation. The cryptosphere need not be at odds with legal systems around the world.

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With recent government intervention plunging the global cryptosphere into a period of uncertainty, its easy to see regulation and blockchain as diametrically opposed. The 30-kilometer stretch of land from Zurich to Zug, known as 'Crypto Valley boasts progressive laws, a competitive hiring environment and low taxes, and it's this unique mix that has attracted entrepreneurs looking for a place to gain traction amid an uncertain international legal climate. The money raised in the ICO is treated as a donation that may not be returned. Once the customer has been verified and approved, they will link their identity to a wallet address. By April of that year, Gevers had announced the initiative at the Toronto Bitcoin Expo.

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Among the reasons Gevers lists for the region's attractiveness include a "stable predictable, neutral political system a culture of financial privacy; access to talent ; low taxes; public-private support for entrepreneurs; and the World Economic Forum's listing of Switzerland as the most competitive nation in the. Co-founded by SingularDTVs own Arie Levy-Cohen and Luka Muller of MME, Blockhaus is leading efforts to integrate blockchain capabilities into existing regulatory, tax and legal frameworks, as well as educate the global community to develop a common understanding and language of the possibilities afforded. Mueller told Reuters cryptocurrency groups involving.S. Crypto valley, bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency, exploded in value since it was launched in 2009. Alongside its long list of clients, MME is now focussed on creating Blockchain Crypto Property (BCP) standards.

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"We are not only focusing on compliant ICO structures said Müller-Studer. Tezos aims to be a blockchain thats more reliable than the ones behind bitcoin and ether. The foundation is not designed for operations.