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The easy answer is to keep enough money in your account. While the loss of income incurred was, to some extent, covered by the interest earned on carrying balances in current accounts, the banks' profitability on personal current accounts was severely impacted by this change in the charging structure. For example, if your account has 1, but you spend 4 with your debit card (and you have signed up for your banks overdraft protection program youll pay 35 just to borrow. In most cases, youd rather just have your card declined (you can probably pay with cash or another card, saving yourself the 35). This information is only relevant for existing account holders.

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What you can Do, how can you avoid overdraft and NSF fees? You can also apply for some special lending benefits (see below). However, the law requires your bank disclose all of its rules and fees when you sign up for any account or service.

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There is comprehensive disclosure of the menu of fees on banks' websites and in pamphlets with fine print. Most banks also offer credit cards that allow you to borrow money and pay for purchases over time with interest. There is no annual card fee for an ANZ eftpos card. For example, in January 2011, Coastal Federal Credit Union in North Carolina required a one-time 25 deposit into a savings account and a pledge to maintain that deposit from one year to the next.

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Nil Nil Nil * Well waive this fee each month you deposit at least 2,500 into the account. 5) Calculated as a percentage of the agreed overdraft limit or overdrawn balance, whichever is greater. The new federal regulations set in 2010 prevent banks from advertising an account as free if it has any fees associated with.

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Importance of Bank Fees to Profitability. Overseas ATM fee No charge Banks and other financial institutions who own overseas ATMs may charge a fee for using them. Other Bank Deposits Item Charge Other Bank Deposit fee 15 Applies to deposits into an account at another bank, which is handled by our staff at a branch or by phone.