Healthy Relationships

Relationships are complicated. How can you tell if you are on the right track? Check out some key points below.

  • Can you be yourself? Does your partner appreciate you for who you are or are they always trying to change you?

  • Do you feel free to spend time apart? Hang out with your friends or family without any jealousy involved?

  • Can you "agree to disagree? Or does your partner think you should both have the same interests and opinions?

  • Does your partner respect your boundaries? Can you say no to sexual activity without being pressured to change your mind?

  • Can you be honest with each other? Or do you feel like you have to tell little lies to avoid a scene?

  • Do you have fun together? Can you relax and enjoy hanging out or do you always have to worry about the relationship?

  • Does your partner support you and encourage you with positive comments? Or do you hear putdowns and negativity?

  • Do you both share the same values? Being on the "same page" with values helps build a good foundation for a lasting relationship.

If you are wondering whether your relationship is good for you, talk to someone - a parent, trusted adult, counselor or friend. Everyone deserves to be healthy, happy and loved.